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    Neo Regan品牌成立于2020年12月15日,品牌始终专注于提供正确的膳食营养补充剂方式,针对现代人快节奏的生活方式,给予营养支持。子品牌Raye 品牌成立于2022年3月1号,品牌致力于打造高端轻奢的健康呵护路线。子品牌Love Furever 品牌成立于2021年6月15号,品牌致力于爱宠快乐。



Neo Regan品牌旗下的主要产品包括泡腾片、咀嚼片、软糖、胶囊、软糖、益生菌等膳食补充剂型。



咀嚼片:LOLA蓝莓咀嚼片、Carb Haven™咀嚼片、Raye®咀嚼片等。

粉剂:诺尔美素颜粉、圆苞车前子壳条包、Dainty Beauty胶原蛋白肽系列等。

胶囊:Snow Leopard™力尔扑猎豹胶囊等。


宠物食品:Love Furever®毕富琅爱犬风干牛肺、兰博琅宠猫风干羊肺等。



Neo ReganNeo代表“新⽣”,Regan来⾃欧洲的凯尔特语,意为“⼩国王”或者 “⼩⼥王”。Neo Regan 既在膳⻝补充领域⾥追求先进,不断创新,保持领先,也引领年轻健康时尚⽣活⽅式,帮助每⼀位消费者成为⾃⼰⽣活⾥的Neo Regan。



Our Services


     We are delighted to offer you a wonderful one-stop shopping experience for your wellness and beauty management with a wide range of products. Here you can find and buy our products for yourself, your friends, your family, and even your pet. Apart from New Zealand, we can deliver directly to your friends and family in Australia, North America, and China according to your order destination. Please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail, Facebook, twitter, YouTube anytime, and hot-line during working time if you have any questions about product.


Our Products


      Screening bioactive substances, natural or synthetic, and surveying present and potential wellness and beauty issues associated with you and your family, your pet included, we formulate and develop a series of categories of health-relevant products targeting liver, GI, beauty, emotion support, etc. To find specific product, please click here.



    NZ Bio Pharma is a health product development and marketing company with over half a century experiences of expertise. We believe the keys leading to health and happiness are the essence of nutrient and a harnessed trigger to help the body restore its abilities to absorb the essence of nutrients to heal, to keep healthy, and to be happy. Our vision is to offer health products with premium ingredients of supreme quality to billions of people worldwide to become healthier and happier. It is at the very heart of NZ Bio Pharma Ltd’s DNA. Pets are human’s closest friends like family. We are dedicated to taking care of them by developing, manufacturing, and marketing products needed.