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NZ Bio Pharma




We are a limited company located at  30 Maisey Place, Fairy Springs, Rotorua, 3015, New Zealand.


Rotorua is a place of interest with picturesque landscape where our Director, Stephen Graeme Ross, of NZ Bio Pharma Ltd now lives. Mr. Ross spent all his holidays at his grandfather’s place on a lake as a youngster. Therefore, he inherited and developed interest in nature and sports at an early age. He was and is still involved in various sports, including cricket, athletics, tennis, boating, golf, etc. Nature, energy, sweat, and health were the key words of Mr. Ross’ life experience in Rotorua. Since then sports and nature have taken root in Mr. Ross’ mind, underlying a driving motive to pursue the mysterious coordination between nature, sports, and health. Recently, he has decided to move permanently from Auckland back to Rotorua, to his property on the lake with clean air, fantastic nature, leading a healthier life.  


Our Director, Mr. Ross, has also been involved in the fresh fruit and vegetable industry domestically in New Zealand for many years. He has also traded commodities globally, to be specific, third country trading which include soya, barley, wheat and protein meals, of which the key sales market in Asia.

Meanwhile, Mr. Ross is a shareholder of a pharmaceuticals which offers him particular and precise insight about health.


Screening the available bioactive substances, natural or synthetic, and relevant big data, a series of categories of health-relevant products targeting liver, GI, beauty, emotion support, etc to cover a demographic range from child, young white-collars, to the aged are formulated.


Due to the perfect climate and soil, Feijoa adapts and flourishes in New Zealand. It is one of the most popular species in the garden or the backyard, let alone on the farmland, with a huge production each year. Its rich nutrients and various bioactive components allow it to have multiple health maintenance functions. We are interested in promoting such a unique native fruit to the world through adding extracts from Feijoa to our formulation.


Our vision is to offer health products with premium ingredients of supreme quality to billions of people worldwide to become healthier and happier. It is at the very heart of NZ Bio Pharma Ltd’s DNA.


There is a wonderful world out there, with vast jagged landscapes of snowcapped mountains with breath-taking view, historic ancient fields with remained amazing buildings and mysterious, deep ocean with something we have never known before. The more you explore, the more you want to experience. For your health and happiness, it’s what lies beyond your current status that’s even more inspiring for us. Because in the endless possibilities of delivering offerings from us to make you healthy and happy, there’s always something to discover to make you healthier and happier.


Ingredients from nature have the power to help us make the most from life every day and could be a harnessed trigger boost the power. And if we only got one chance at this beautiful thing called life, why not strive for the absolute best with science?


To this day, it’s that uncompromising nature that inspires NZ BIO to continue exploring, to be leaders in innovation and conservation, and to challenge convention. It inspires us to push ourselves to the limit and then push ourselves that little bit more. But perhaps most of all, it inspires us to inspire the world.